Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Luxuria - Redneck 1988

Formerly the member of the Buzzcocks and later Magazine, Howard Devoto's last effort to salvage any recognition for his musical genius before settling down working in a photo agency, was the underestimated Luxuria.

The song Redneck was released as a single under the Beggars Banquet label in 1987. Although most people think it to be quite a crime that Devoto was never given the credit he perhaps deserved, I'm okay with the fact that his music hasn't been cast into the human cesspool. Did you see that little girl with a Magazine/Luxuria t-shirt? No you didn't.

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Bumper Dumper

Use in Disaster Relief, Hurricane and Earthquake preparedness, and other situations where a sanitation situation may occur.

My very best Redneck invention.

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For the Ladies

Curly Q - how to curl your hair with rags.
model: Kady

Thanks Kady.